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Interim Solutions

Interim Management

Provide Leadership NOW while you search for the RIGHT organizational fit.  Help your new Senior Manager hit the ground running.

Montera Interim Executives and Managers are not your typical “Management Consultant”. We don’t just ADVISE…We DO! We have been Chief Executive, Operating, Financial, Information, Marketing, or Sales Officers.

When there is a vacancy at a senior management or executive level, whether planned or unexpected, it takes time to find the right permanent replacement. Time is a strategic asset. It is much quicker to have an Interim Manager up to speed and producing results than to recruit a new senior manager. Montera Interim Managers thrive on the challenge of entering new environments and specialize in getting things done quickly, with minimum risk and disruption.

Since our Principals have many years of operational experience spanning various industries, we can offer Speed, Flexibility, and Results, with Low Risk. Our hands-on expertise and execution know-how add immediate value to your organization, in a surprisingly cost-effective approach.


Montera Principals and Associates have performed the following Senior Management roles:

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Financial Officer
General Manager
Vice President, Sales
Vice President, Operations
Vice President, Marketing
Vice President, Information Systems
Vice President, Professional Services
Vice President, Application Management
Vice President, Product Development
Vice President, Customer Support
Executive Director, Operations