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Business Intelligence


Unleash the power of BI from your existing Microsoft investment

Microsoft software is for many companies a mainstay of their delivery system both from the desktop and infrastructure perspective. CIO’s and IT Managers are constantly striving to extend the value derived from these existing investments and Microsoft BI allows you to just that.

Microsoft BI delivers a full range of familiar, tightly integrated BI capabilities that enable individuals, teams, and organizations to better achieve performance management. Most likely, your organization already uses some these tools:

  • Microsoft Excel is the world's No. 1 personal BI productivity tool.
  • SharePoint Server offers team and organizational collaboration capabilities.
  • PerformancePoint Server provides performance management capabilities for the entire organization.
  • SQL Server is the foundation for Microsoft BI, providing the infrastructure to bring everything together through its integration, reporting, and analysis capabilities.

The Microsoft Approach to BI

A BI solution must have the flexibility to work the way you do. It has to fit the context of your decision making, provide the information you need, and be available in a format that suits the people who will be using the information.

When you think of what you do daily, what emerges is a continuum, with information and insight flowing steadily among three main categories of BI: personal, team, and organizational. Microsoft’s BI approach is delivered via:

Personal BI - Your personal BI could be an Outlook task list, a CRM call sheet, or a production report. Whatever it is, you created it to support your individual decision making within the context of your job.

The full range of Microsoft Personal BI products includes:

  • Microsoft® Office AccessTM 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft® Office Visio®
  • MapPoint® 2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data-Mining Add-ins for 2007 Microsoft Office suites
  • Report Builder

Team BI –You need a BI environment that enables you to share information within and across various groups, so everyone can make informed decisions. A successful BI system will meet your team needs and personal BI requirements—allowing you the flexibility to collaborate within the natural flow of your work without compromising security and trust and ensuring that all team members have the latest reliable information.

Microsoft Team BI tools help organizations share, report, and drive results. With a touch of a button Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 and other Team BI products and services can facilitate more efficient and more informed decision making and help departments everywhere be more productive.

Organizational BI - Organizational BI is made up of the centralized analyses, measurements, plans, and reports that clarify team and individual goals. At the same time, organizational BI is tempered by the flow of insight emerging from teams and individuals across the organization.

The Microsoft Corporate BI solution provides employees across the entire organization with greater visibility into critical business performance information. Employees can track their performance against corporate goals and analyze and understand budgets and forecasts within one fully integrated product. With Microsoft® Office PerformancePointTM Server2007 answering the “why” is easier than ever.

"Microsoft has been steadily gaining BI market share since its serious entry into the market in 2000. The company has consistently invested in building and enhancing BI capabilities into three of its core offerings — Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint — in order to increase their value and drive upgrades. By incorporating BI capabilities into Microsoft's most ubiquitous products, it virtually guarantees its BI offering's continued adoption, particularly in organizations with a Microsoft-centric information infrastructure."

Gartner 2011