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Business Intelligence


Truly Integrated Enterprise BI

When you need a reliable and consistent way to manage your business, you turn to business intelligence.

IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is the solution that provides complete BI functionality in one product, on a single, proven architecture. It delivers seamless reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dashboards, and business event management. It makes all systems and data sources available. It simplifies your IT environment and the way everyone works with information.

The result is higher user adoption, better decisions, and a quicker response to threats and opportunities across the organization. Cognos 8 BI is the clear choice for BI standardization and a cornerstone of better performance management.

With Cognos, you can start with one module, and quickly and easily scale up as your needs grow. With a centralized metadata model, Cognos provides “one version of the truth” so everyone in your team sees the same information.

A multilingual interface enables the same information to be available to users who require different language options.


Cognos Reporting gives you access to your reports, utilizing centralized metadata model to ensure consistency, all from a zero-footprint web-based reporting environment.

Power Users will appreciate the simplicity of a graphical query-based reporting utility, which allows them to very quickly get to the information they need, all without writing complicated queries.

A wide array of charting options ensures you have the right tool to convey your message at every level of your organization.


Cognos Analysis unlocks the information long confined in the voluminous data warehouse and other multidimensional-aware data storage systems (OLAP), by providing you with the ability to explore the data and translate them into meaningful information. Easily get to the “why” behind an event to improve business performance.

For users who are familiar with Microsoft Excel, Cognos Analysis provides the ability to perform your analysis within the same environment.

For customers who have investments in third-party OLAP servers, Cognos can seamlessly integrate with Oracle, Microsoft, SAP BW, and IBM cubes, or even utilize other dimensionally modeled relational sources.


Cognos Dashboards communicate complex information quickly. Numbers and figures are converted into visually appealing and easily understandable gauges, maps, charts and other graphical elements. Cognos provides a whole range of dashboards to show multiple results together. Operational dashboards track operational processes with continuous data refreshes so you’re looking at the most up to date information. Tactical Dashboards, run against datamarts or datawarehouses can track departmental processes which can then be either deployed into portals or as a standalone solution. Strategic Dashboards / Scorecards can monitor corporate strategic objectives at every level of the organization ensure everyone is in lock-step with the overall goals.

Dashboards can be built on the fly, without IT intervention, allowing you to manage your information your way.


Cognos Scorecarding helps you align your teams and tactics with strategy, communicate goals consistently, and monitor performance against targets. This ensures ownership and accountability within the organization.

Cognos Scorecarding incorporates the proven Balanced Scorecard concept, to ensure that your strategy is directly to performance.

How Can Montera Help You

Montera has extensive experience implementing Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Whether you’re

  • Starting a BI or Datawarehousing Initiative
  • Augmenting your current BI environment with additional metrics
  • Setting up a reliable reporting and analysis architecture

Montera can provide you with the team you need to achieve your BI goals.