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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is deployed easily in the IT environment of any company, from small business to enterprise. It provides a full suite of marketing, sales, service functionality with a native Microsoft Outlook user experience, and it can quickly be tailored to meet your business needs. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM products run on the same code base, you can easily switch from an on-premise model to a software-plus-services environment (“The power of choice”).

SaaS / ASP vs. On-premise

Many business executives associate CRM to “endless meetings discussing technology using IT lingo”, drawn out project timelines and/or extensive assessments driven by RFIs or RFPs. That’s why many business decision makers are opting for “Software as a Service” (SaaS) or “Application Service Provider” (ASP) models to bring CRM to fruition within their organization.

At Montera we understand the value behind each of these different delivery models. Regardless if it’s Saas, ASP or on-premise, we understand that it is YOUR decision to choose what you think will best fit YOUR business and we are there to guide you through this journey.

With more than 90 delivered CRM projects in the High-Tech, Manufacturing, Health and Finance sectors, Montera has the experience required to apply CRM technology to improve business performance. Montera prefers to focus on using the CRM tool to deliver new business capabilities and tangible benefits regardless of the customer’s preferred model.