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Application Management

Optimizing the Performance and Value of Your Applications and Your Business

Business today demands that organizations operate efficiently and maximize the value of all resources. Competition is fierce and the pressure to drive value and return on investment has never been more profound. In a world where corporate performance increasingly depends on technology to provide competitive advantage, maintaining high-performance applications is essential for success.

At Montera we recognize the demands faced by our clients. We provide the expertise and resources that allow you to focus on strategic IT initiatives, reduce operational costs and leverage the power of technology for competitive advantage.

Montera- The Application Management Experts

Through an Application Management service offering that is both innovative and flexible, Montera delivers operational and technical expertise through complete or selective outsourcing. Montera's Application Management Services encompass the full application lifecycle from development, management, maintenance, to support and governance and are applied to a wide range of application types including ERP, CRM and Financials.

With a combined 100+ years of executive experience in technology innovation and operational excellence, Montera is well equipped to deliver Application Management solutions that enable clients to dramatically improve their support of mission-critical applications. This leads to direct benefits on staff morale, application performance, quality, user satisfaction, and the bottom line.

The Benefits of Montera's Application Management Services

The foundation of Montera's service model is a commitment to deliver recognizable and measurable value for our clients through a proven delivery methodology. Our dedication to this objective is supported by an operational team that has developed a process-oriented approach based-on years of MIS and Operations Management.

  • Complete or Selective Application Management - Services and support delivered so you have the flexibility or freedom to determine resource and asset allocation and the ability to liberate staff to focus on core, strategic initiatives.
  • 24/7 Support - Montera Application Specialists provide Help Desk and Call Centre support on a worldwide, 24/7 basis.
  • Increasing Utility and Value - We assist clients in maximizing the utility and value of existing or legacy applications through performance, bug fixes, enhancements, and code optimisation.
  • Service Level Agreement - Montera delivers using a measurable, delivery model, based-on experience, defined processes and best practices.
  • Montera's Panorama Customer Portal - provides a complete customer perspective of applications, performance and is the definitive self-serve portal for real time reporting, service and information for Montera clients.
  • Predictive Performance - Through Montera's combination of services, support and application optimisation services, clients and users both enjoy predictive and consistent service and performance.

SaaS / ASP vs. On-premise

Many business executives associate CRM to “endless meetings discussing technology using IT lingo”, drawn out project timelines and/or extensive assessments driven by RFIs or RFPs. That’s why many business decision makers are opting for “Software as a Service” (SaaS) or “Application Service Provider” (ASP) models to bring CRM to fruition within their organization.

At Montera we understand the value behind each of these different delivery models. Regardless if it’s Saas, ASP or on-premise, we understand that it is YOUR decision to choose what you think will best fit YOUR business and we are there to guide you through this journey.

With more than 90 delivered CRM projects in the High-Tech, Manufacturing, Health and Finance sectors, Montera has the experience required to apply CRM technology to improve business performance. Montera prefers to focus on using the CRM tool to deliver new business capabilities and tangible benefits regardless of the customer’s preferred model.