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About Us

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Business today is driven by an ever-increasing requirement to maximize resources, leverage technology, and to demonstrate fiscal and operational excellence. Montera specializes in delivering Professional Services that assist organizations in leveraging  experience to meet those needs. We firmly believe that most technology solutions on the market today can provide some level of benefit to an organization. It is in the intelligent application of that technology that organizational success is achieved. That requires the strong combination of enterprise vision, relevant technology, and real-world experience that Montera has developed over the past 10 years.

We specialize in Generating Results through access to people with vast and varied experiences.

Interim Management, Interim Professionals, and Interim IT/IS

In each of these areas, we offer individuals who have developed leadership and operational expertise that is applicable to any industry.  Our Principals and Associates are the kind of people that thrive on constant change and tough challenges. They prefer to work in new environments on a regular basis. Whether your needs demand a Sales or Operations Executive, a Financial Manager, or specific technological expertise, Montera can provide a low-risk people solution with Speed, Flexibility, and Results.  We will bring instant experience and productivity to your organization, bridging the gap until you find the right permanent resource.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Montera delivers on the promise of CRM through a unique set of services and solutions that are aimed at easing the integration of CRM technology into your organization, and ensuring your goals and objectives are met. Through our 10-year relationship with leading CRM providers like Microsoft, we have helped customers like Loto Quebec, Corel Corporation, Cognos, ING Clarion, Geisinger Health Systems, Videotron, and Quebecor World apply best-of-breed technology to improve their business processes.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Today's complex and increasingly competitive landscape demands enterprises assess and react quickly to market changes in order to maintain competitive advantage. Montera's Business Intelligence solutions help improve decision-making capabilities and gain competitive advantage by turning data into insight. Our Cognos consulting services can assist you in extracting the full potential of your customer, supplier, product and services data, and in the process, help your organization deal with some of its more difficult business challenges.

A Commitment to Delivering Exceptional Value

We believe that to properly serve our customers and to provide the highest degree of value, we must have a holistic, enterprise-wide view of our clients' overall business objectives and processes. To enhance our commitment as a valued, accountable resource, we have drawn on our background in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, and Application Management to extend our guidance, direction, and expertise to all business areas. Montera clients benefit from our resources’ depth of knowledge across multiple industries and technologies.

Contact Us

To learn more about how Montera can make a difference for your organization, contact us today at 613-298-8375 or by email at info@monteracorp.com.